Dance Classes and Rehearsals, Fairfax County Virginia

Jim directs the Patchwork Dancers. Patchwork Dancers has over 30 perfoming members and holds 3 rehearsals a week.

Normally beginners start with the beginners reheasal where new students learn the basic steps and four routines.

We have the beginning routines and most of the 40 or so routines and steps on DVDs and VHS where they are taught systematically. Like the Robert E Lee tape the dance steps are shown slowly, then in parts at different speeds and then at normal speed. Most can learn the routine at home and with the beginning rehearsal and the help of the Jim or one of the Patchwork members can practice and ask about anything that isn't clear.

You learn at your own pace. You can start whenever you want to and the rehearsals are free thouth the DVDs or VHS teaches are $5 if you also attend the rehearsal.

Currently our beginning rehearsal is in Falls Church at 7:30 on Wednesday. We also have Intermediate rehearsals for those who know at least 4 routines and Advanced rehearsal on Sunday and Monday.

For questions on classes and rehearsals  just email Jim. If you are interested in classes call Jim Maxwell 202 401 3571 at work, or cell phone at 703 597 8180, or email at