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Local groups other than Patchwork

Clogging in Metro Washington DC


Frederick Maryland

Blue Ridge Thunder Cloggers

Loudon County Virginia

Bull Run Cloggers

Manassas, Virginia

Carroll County Cloggers

Westminster Maryland


Annapolis, Maryland

Happy Feet Cloggers

Fairfax, Virginia

Old Dominion Cloggers

Arlington Virginia

Local Clogging Workshops

Double Down

February 17, 2007 Haymarket Viginia

Mason District Spring Stomp

2007 Cancelled

Pennsylvania Harvest Stomp,

October 28, 2006


Clog Organizations and Newsletters


National Clogging Organization

Southern California Clogging Association Texas Clogging Council North West Clogging Association

Double Toe Times

National Newsletter

Clogging Champions of America Florida Clogging Council Georgia Clogging Leaders Association

Message Boads and Forums

Cue Sheets

Reading Cue Sheets

Clog ring Cue sheets  

Step in Time
The Buck Germany
Sugar Creek Des Moines Iowa
Tater Hill Routines

Shopping Information:

Carl's Clogging Supplies Perry's Place Clogging gifts Steven's Clogging Supplies Palomino Records, cued clogging tapes  

Individual Cloggers and dancers

Toe Taps Mark Clifford Theresa's Clogging World Scotty Bilz Christina Loraine Hall Ira Bernstein


US Clogging Groups not in Virginia



Green Grass Cloggers North Carolina Electric Rhythm Cloggers, Jacksonville Florida Tater Hill Cloggers Arcadia Florida Westminster California, Apple Creek Cloggers

Lehigh Valley Cloggers

New Jersey

Tennessee Hoedowners

ClogDancing list of teams

International Groups and Associations


New Zealand Clogging Association The Outlaws Denmark The Buck Germany Crazy Taps
Frankfurt Germany

What is Clogging?

CC tappers

Marilyn Devin Southern California Clogging Association Angela Charlton
Westminster California, Apple Creek Cloggers Linda Carol Forrest
Houston, Texas

Brook's Page

Clogging Videos

Jim Maxwell

Dance videos


Befit Clogging videos Pat Dennis ACTIVE VIDEOS

Claudia Collier

Augusta Heritage Center, David and Elkins College, Elkins West Virginia

Augusta Dance Workshops

Augusta Clogging and Movement for Teens

Country Dance and Song Society

Summer program for CDSS

Common Ground on the hill

Galax Virginia fiddle Convention

Floyd Virginia, Country music and free style clogging

jig and clog dancing manual from 1873

Clog Dancing made easy 1874

Supreme Audio Sound Systems